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16 January 2009 @ 09:24 am
I'm missing in action.

Some family problems... with my dad who's such a douche bag.
i've been "disinherited".

ha ha ha.

but good news.
i'll move to a new house soon... with mom.


next wednesday...
off to the beach with my classmates.. until the 26th.
so... i was supposed to get to fuu's house early but before even getting up, i got a call from my uni, it was the administrator.

she told me that my credits and scholarships don't cover the complete year and i have to pay all my debt in order to apply for 2009's subjects.

i had to cancel my little meeting (sorry girls ._.) and go to the bank, make a few draws and go to my uni and pay... but it wasn't enough, so i went to my dad's work and on monday i have to go again. ._.

i hate bein' a middle class girl..

i got back home like at 8:40 PM and i had to get ready for Giovanni's (a friend and uni classmate) 20th birthday party.
i had to meet with a friend in the metro station at 10PM, but i was kinda late and arrived at 10:30.
We took a bus to Giova's house and arrived at 10:50....
all of my close classmates (the ones i always hang out with) were there already plus other giovanni's friends from higschool and some relatives.
we danced, ate, drank and talked a lot... and of course.. i had so much fun, as always when i am with them.

from left to right, i'll try to name us in order so you can tell who's who:
toselli (the one with the hat), tebo (he guy with a grey shirt and glasses), nathy (the girl with the black shirt), me (love my face there.. miraculous makeup ;D), cami (the girl with black hair and red pants), oso (the big guy with a overgrown beard), tobal (the floating head besides oso), giova (birthday bguy with the orange shirt and a glass of vodka orange), bastich (the one with the big smile) and pelao (my sis' ex and the one with a grey shirt... also with a big smile). there are lots of people missing in the picture, but this is the prettiest photo i could find ;D

i came back home at 7AM on saturday ;D. cuz mom couldn't make it to pick me up...
and we missed Jenny a lot... she couldn't go because her mom didn't let her.



I woke up at 2 pm and had lunch in bed.
Then i played the classic and amazing "Super Mario World" until i got tired of it and mom came to ask me if i wanted to go and buy some french fries with her and also said she had something to tell me.

i can't tell you much, but her sister is a biatch.
she's saying everywhere that mom has an affair with a former boyfriend.. and those are all lies.
she's going to pay for this. i mean it.

but mom is taking it easy, cuz she noes she hasn't done anything like that.
so we had our french fries and returned ;D

i realised 2 wisdom teeth are growing inside my mouth...
it hurts.. but i like that kind of pain... dentist appointment next week ;D



Tell u later, it's 1:39 AM and i haven't done anything productive.


Oh! and.. it's confirmed.
I'll be off to the beach from the 21st until the 26th, with my uni friends ;D
i don't like the beach, because i want to keep my pale white and ice cold skin, but i'll have fun, just because i'll be with them.
i'll try to stay most of the time under the parasol watching how they get their precious and dear sunburns ;D
Pina promised i would get drunk that week.
i doubt it ;D, but let's see.
05 January 2009 @ 12:14 am
so, today... i woke up late and realised dad had taken the internet device and went out for paying some bills.
a good way, according to him, to make us clean the house.

i had to wait until 4PM... x_x
i hate him so much.
also, for lunch, mom decided to give us lettuce and grilled chicken.. OMG I HATE LETTUCEEE!! >_<

later, my friend stefany said she'd come to catch up with the gossip girl eps... but she abandoned me for her boyfriend... they've seen each other for 3 consecutive days! o_o... she doesn't have enough time for me... we live like.. 3 houses away and we see each other kinda 2 times a year.

tomorrow i'm going to the cinema, a friend who works there invited me to watch "Twilight".
so, i didn't refuse the invitation, just because i haven't watched it.

and i'm waiting for the new gossip girl episodes, that start tomorrow ;')
01 January 2009 @ 06:04 pm


Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on. The 2009 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.

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01 December 2008 @ 06:21 pm
I knew this on friday, but my happines won't go away that easy.

I PASSED MATH!!!! *0*!

it wasn't a 100, not even a good mark, but i passed, that's the only thing that counts XD.

sorry if it kills your friends page.
17 November 2008 @ 03:50 pm
OMG, 2 week and my "summer vacation" will start.
2 weeks full of exams and tests, and homeworks dues, projects and stuff.
Today i had 2 tests.
i arrived late to the first, programming...
and i could do a half of it.

then i had math test... omg... I DID IT WELL BUT I JUST GOT 2 OF 4 SOLUTIONS!!

I'll get like an 80 x_x.

how is everyone doing?
hope well ;D
17 October 2008 @ 08:17 pm
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21 September 2008 @ 07:09 pm
ok.. look at this XD

sorry if i kill your friends page, but this HAS TO BE POSTED!
17 September 2008 @ 12:24 am

the title says it all.

MIROTIC... *DIES* (shouldn't it be erotic?.... now that's a really accurate name)
And yoochun grabbing his crotch.

that's priceless.
and i'm drooling while dead on the floor.
What a weird weekend!! haha

well... i won't tell u everything.. just some important things :D
On friday i went to Guido's birthday party (one of my university friends) and it was totally fun.
I came back home on saturday at 6 am. x_x

then i slept until 4 PM and received a call from misha for saying something about the place we were going to meet. I said i wouldn't be able to make it to that place so i would go straight forward to jungryog's house.
Well... i was too lazy so ... i decided to go like... at 7 PM. after showering and helping mom to clean up the house a little bit.

now.. the traumatic experience:
To make it short, i had to go to the metro station, then go back for putting some money to my cellphone.
When i got to the station i had to... i took a bus.
The bus driver didn't stop at the bus stop i had to get off. he dropped me in the next bus stop.
When i was going to cross the street... a man stood up beside me... seeming to wait for the cars to pass, then cross the street.
Then a taxi was near.
the man looked at the taxi and rushed himself to the front of the car.
the taxi hit him and he flew across the street.
he tried to commit suicide. JUST ONE METER FROM WHERE I WAS STANDING!
i was in shock o_o.

then i finished crossing the street, looking at the place the man was knocked down.
the mos traumatic thing was that the man didn't die.
he stood up like nothing has happened, like it was usual!

his face was bloodstained and he was limping. and he started to walk down the same sidewalk i was going while a lot of people was insulting him.
Then i looked behind my back and there he was, like 10 meters from me, with his back pushed back to a wall, and starting to walk the same direction as me.
then i thought he would do anything to me.. and crossed the street back to the other sidewalk.... what if he was some kind of sicko? x_x

i called my friends telling them to come for me asap.
i was about to cry x_x but then i saw my girls :) and calmed down, but i was still in shock.

then we got to jungryog's place (hyukpan, Misha and me) and had fun all night long.
We watched some music shows, then some movies.
the first was Lee Junki and Aoi Miyazaki's "Virgin Snow" (Hatsuyuki no koi).
What a terribly beautiful movie :(. I cried a lot. but... seriously, seeing Junki crying, made me shed more tears than the whole story XD.

then we watched "Final Destination 3"... hahahaha XD.
i fell asleep at 5 am. and woke up like... at 10 am today.
Misha left and we started watching "We got married", a very interesting korean show.

and Alex made me cry. :(
his song is so cute... T_T

now.. i have the song stuck on my head, so.. i'll post the lyrics. :)
of course, they may be dedicated to someone i'm interested in, who knows?
yeah.. some of you know XD.

Click here to read one of the most beautiful lyrics...Collapse )

Thanks to my O.P.U. girls.
for giving me a special day, as always.
I love you so much girls :)


i forgot to tell you.
from now on, my livejournal will be semi-friends only.
i'll lock all the posts where i talk about "him". ok :)?
just in case ^^.

love u all.
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