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3 July 1989
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. Name: Natalia
. Nicknames: Jini, Nati, Jinizilla
. Age: 19
. Date of Birth: 03.july.1989
. Best Friend: Soso
. Best group of friends: O.P.U
This biatch Was born on July 3rd, 1989 and lives in Chile, one of the most fucking retarded and boring countries in the whole world.

In her early days she was thought as a fucking genius, she was the first in every class... until she entered to university. Her brain started to desintegrate and she became an average hoar who fails subjects and goes partying every single weekend with her biatches.
me likey
me no likey
.TWILIGHT. (even though it's like shit)
.Chinese food.
.Korean Music.
.Edward Cullen. (even though he's gay)
.Horror Movies.
.Fantastic Books.
.Sparkling Vampires. (ok, that's gay, but who cares)
.Gorgeous Cars.
.Kellan Lutz.
.Jacob Black.
.Super Senior.
.Campus Bitches.
.Super Hero Movies.

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